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Search Records

These links provide connections to a wide variety of Clay County Public Information.

Case Searches

This link enables access to public inquiry for Circuit and County Civil, Small Claims, Probate, Domestic Relations, Guardianship, Civil (non-criminal) Traffic, Mental Health, Misdemeanor, Felony, Municipal and County Ordinance and Criminal Traffic cases.

*** Please note: juvenile, expunged or sealed cases will NOT be presented. ***

Attorney Access

Attorneys who are members of the Florida Bar can granted access to view and print documents. To obtain access, a Subscriber Site Agreement form must be completed. Print the PDF document, sign the section on page 5 and have it notarized, and enter information on all people who will require access on page 6 of the form. This form is to be mailed to the court at the address shown on the top of the form.

The link for the secure attorneys site is not the same as the public access site provides above; this link is provided when the Subscriber Site Agreement is approved.

County Road / Right of Way Maps

This provides access to scanned maps of County Roads and Rights of Way.

Misdemeanor and Felony Records

You can search the index of mircofilm records of misdemeanor and felony cases between 1978 and 1998. These provide an index to the microfilm roll and page that have the actual case record.

Notices of Sale / Foreclosures

This provides a listing of upcoming mortgage foreclosure auction sales that will be held at the Clay County Courthouse.

Official Records / Plats

The Official Records Search link enables access to information about recorded instruments since June 1958.

Tax Deeds

Tax Deeds: this is a listing of properties in which the property taxes have not been paid and these properties will be offered for sale at a public auction if the taxes are not paid prior to the sale.

List of Lands

List of Lands: this is a listing of properties that were offered for public auction but was not purchased at the sale. After 90 days, the properties can be purchased by anyone for the opening bid amount, plus any additional taxes and/or fees that have become due since the date of the sale.